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About Us

The Rapid Cool Advantage

Our Strengths
15+ Years Experience
Experienced Sales Team
Well-Trained Shipping & Logistics Manager
Vast Vendor Network
In-house Quality Control Manager
No Hidden Costs

Customized Manufacturing
Our current manufacturing network includes the usage of a combination of casting, forging, welding, extrusions, injection molding and other methods. This helps us to create a wide variety of products within the same industry, thereby making us a One Stop Shop. Products are offered as per industry standards or as per client specifications.

Customized Packaging
Bar Coding
Warehouse options (if required)

Competitive Pricing
We have a vast manufacturing network that spans many countries and helps us to offer extremely competitive pricing.

Easy Transactions
We provide door delivery, flexible payment terms, no surprises (hidden costs), and easy accessibility to a sales team in Virginia.

Logistics / Delivery
We have experienced Traffic and Logistics Manager who handles all shipping, customs, and delivery issues with a goal to deliver products to our clients’ door in a timely manner. We also offer warehousing options if required.

Quality Control
In addition to the stringent quality control procedures followed by our manufacturing network (most of whom are ISO 9001 certified), we have a QC Engineer who is stationed in Asia and works directly with all of the manufacturers in order to keep them up-to-date with our clients specifications and to ensure a high level of quality control.